About Us

Building Significant Connections

Why Ting?

We saw the need to fundamentally revolutionize the way people, brands and businesses connect with each other.

In a fully digitalized world, traditional paper business cards have become obsolete. In this new era there is a need to interact and exchange information in a way traditional channels can not.

Ting is the new digital business software and hardware company that helps you share information with one tap.

 By using NFC technology built into our Ting products, Ting provides you with an all-in-one custom profile, the ability to choose and share your social media profiles, payment apps and custom links.

Additionally, Ting Tags are made of the highest industry standards to provide you with the most reliable networking product.

Ting has already garnered support from entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, musicians and athletes as a revolutionary networking tool.

Our goal is simple, to be the networking method for the modern era. We are just starting on this journey and we’d love for you to join us, into the digital revolution.

Roberto & Franco

Ting Co-founders

"For me it made complete sense to reach out and partner up with Franco. We complement each other very well when it comes to making something so special and revolutionary. I firmly believe that with our vision, grit, and skillset we are bound to something bigger than us. I am very glad to have him and our amazing team to make Ting what it is now most importantly what it will be."
- Roberto M
"I still remember the day Roberto reached out to me about Ting. I was sold after the first 10 seconds. Ting is more than just a product, and we have big plans for it to become the standard of networking."
- Franco M


Our Vision is to make an impact in the way businesses and individuals interact, modernizing the process and strategy between them.