When Art Meets Tech

November 15, 2021

“Nature With Nurture” is the first art exhibit in Toronto that infuses NFC technology into the art experience.

Two impressive communities Creato and Underscore Projects have partnered to bring this exhibit to life. It took place in Toronto from October 29th to November 14th 2021.

Who is Creato?

Creato is a community-driven initiative to connect, support and spotlight the incredible talent within the arts and creative Latinx communities in Canada. 

This community is dedicated to remove barriers Latinx creatives often face in the sector through community-building, empowerment and resource sharing while taking on the vital role of disseminating the work Latinx voices create.

Creato recently designed a new project called “PROJECT CREA” which is a mentorship program designed to help emerging Latinx artists sky rocket their creative careers.

Throughout the process for the final result, 5 professional Latinx mentors collaborated with their mentees to teach practical skills on how to circulate, support and maintain mentees’ arts-practice through the development of a personal creative project.

Who is Underscore Projects?

Underscore Projects is a cultural platform supported by a physical space that includes multi-functional studios, artist residency, and gallery.

Underscore Projects’ mission is to foster collaboration among artists in their creative process and connect them to a support system from concept to showcasing and final sale.

Underscore Projects serve the community as a centre for public dialogue, encouraging open discussions and creating an alternative to traditional art spaces, to enhance our community’s experiences and supporting emerging artists and creatives.

Who are we at Ting?

Ting could not miss the opportunity to sponsor the great effort these two communities made for this event to happen. 

Ting is all about fostering total connectivity and creating synergies. By replacing the traditional paper business cards, Ting is on a mission to help individuals and businesses to connect and create effective networking through the use of NFC technology. 

Our product allows the exchange of key information, facilitating interactions without the need for physical exchange. 

Our vision is to make an impact on how businesses and individuals interact, modernizing processes and strategies between them.

In this exhibit, Ting Tags were placed around the art gallery and they were used to connect the audience to the artists through their websites or social media, find more information about an art piece and make payments with a simple and seamless touch.

If you would like to partner with us, and implement Ting into your gallery or event, book an appointment today to see how we can collaborate and help your business make effective relationships.
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